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Dropi is a respected brand known for its high-quality extra virgin cod liver oil, sourced from wild cod caught in the clean waters of Iceland. Based on principles of quality and natural origins, Dropi has established itself as a trusted choice for those seeking the benefits of cod liver oil. With a commitment to sustainability and purity, Dropi remains a high-quality supplier of extra virgin cod liver oil.

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Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil - 180 Capsules

Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil from Dropi

Some will remember the taste of a spoonful of cod liver oil from their youth. Many children in the 1950s were given this oil, which is extracted from the livers of fish such as cod and halibut, to support their resistance and prevent English disease (bone deformity). However, when vitamin D was added to products such as margarine and low-fat margarine after the Margarine Decree of 1961, cod liver oil faded into the background and fish oil, which is rich in fish fatty acids, but does not contain vitamins A and D, became popular. Yet more and more doctors and health experts say that the cod liver oil of the past was not so bad after all. Cod liver oil has started to rise again! Fortunately, the taste is now not too bad. High-quality cod liver oil today is a colorless or pale yellow oil with a slightly fishy taste and odor. The use of cod liver oil dates back to the time of the Vikings (700-1100 AD), who already called it 'the gold of the ocean' and the cod liver oils of Dropi are still produced using this ancient and natural method of the Viking Druids. produced, making it the most authentic and unique cod liver oil available. By the way, many people confuse cod liver oil with whale oil, the oil that was used from the 17th century until well into the 19th century as lamp oil and which was made from the fatty tissue of whales.

What is the Difference Between Cod Liver Oil and Regular Fish Oil?

The terms cod liver oil and fish oil are often used interchangeably, although there are clear differences. After all, cod liver oil is a fish oil, but not every fish oil is equal to cod liver oil! What exactly is this like? Regular fish oil is rich in the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA and is usually produced by pressing whole fish, after which the oil is extracted. This is then refined and sometimes vitamins are added. Cod liver oil, on the other hand, is only extracted from the livers of fish such as cod, haddock or dragonfish and is not refined. Cod liver oil is not only rich in the omega-3 fish fatty acids EPA and DHA, but also in vitamins A and D and nutrients such as phosphorus and iodine. In fact, cod liver oil is the richest and natural form of fish oil. In its purest form, it is a colorless or pale yellow oil that smells like fresh or smoked fish.

Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil from Dropi

Dropi guarantees the creation of handmade products that are manufactured in harmony with nature. The brand's oils are a sustainable and natural source of essential fatty acids and are of the highest quality. For example, Dropi Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) is a household name worldwide as one of the richest cod liver oil products available. The oil is produced exclusively from wild cod that is responsibly and sustainably harvested from the pristine waters of Iceland. A unique, traditional and cold process, patented by Dropi, extracts the oil from the fish and preserves the refined nutrients that are naturally present in the livers of wild-caught cod. The result is an oil that is as pure and authentic as the cod liver oil that was handcrafted and used by our Norwegian ancestors hundreds of years ago. It is not without reason that Dropi is the only company that has been given permission to use the title 'extra virgin' for its products. All Dropi products are independently tested for purity and nutrient levels, and the concentration of fat-soluble nutrients may vary as it depends on various natural factors. At Dropi, top quality comes first, and you notice this in their extra virgin cod liver oil.