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Cod liver oil is a dietary supplement that contains oil extracted from the liver of fish such as cod. This oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin D. In the past, children often received a daily spoonful of cod liver oil for its health benefits. Today, cod liver oil is considered a valuable superfood. At Paleo Powders we offer a selection of natural Extra Virgin cod liver oil from the Dropi brand from Iceland.

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Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil - 180 Capsules
WIld Salmon Roe - 180 capsules
WIld Salmon Roe - 180 capsules Sale price€186,95
The Whole Fish - Wild Sardines - 180 capsules

Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil from Dropi

Discover our selection of omega-3 supplements, which can be a valuable addition to your daily diet. Dropi's Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil is carefully produced and comes from sustainably caught fish. Dropi is known for its commitment to high-quality, pure products and prides itself on its transparent production processes.

Wild Mama's Wild Salmon Eggs

Treat yourself to the highest quality and purity with Wild Mama's Wild Salmon Eggs. These freeze-dried whole salmon eggs are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and contain no additives or preservatives. Wild Mama strives for the highest quality and purity, so you can enjoy the benefits of wild salmon in its most natural form.

Whole Fish Wild Sardines

Our Whole Fish Wild Sardines come from whole sardines grown in Europe, making them a complete and nutritious source of omega-3 fatty acids. These whole foods contain not only omega-3, but also other essential nutrients naturally found in fish.