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KBS research

Discover KBS Research, the innovative company behind the product Atrantil. Founded by leading American gastroenterologist Dr. Kenneth Brown, KBS Research is synonymous with leading research and the development of revolutionary solutions for gastrointestinal disorders. With Atrantil as its best-known product, KBS Research offers a unique approach to the treatment of Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), with a natural formula based on 3 herbal ingredients.

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Atrantil: A Natural Solution for a Healthy Gut

Atrantil is a natural and safe solution that promotes natural bowel movements and supports stomach and intestinal function. Unlike probiotics, Atrantil is composed of a unique combination of 3 herbal ingredients. This combination is powerful and specifically designed to work effectively in the small intestine, with the aim of promoting a balanced intestinal flora in this area.

The Importance of Balanced Intestinal Flora

The intestinal flora consists of various bacteria and fungi that function as a complex eco-system. Maintaining a good balance is essential for healthy intestinal functioning. Specific bacteria are naturally present in the small intestine, and maintaining this specificity is crucial for optimal health.

Active Ingredients in Atrantil

Atrantil contains active ingredients belonging to flavonoids and saponins, natural substances present in plants. High-quality and standardized extracts of plant ingredients are essential to ensure the desired physiological effect. Atrantil contains a balanced combination of peppermint (M. Balsamea), Quebracho and horse chestnut (Conker Tree) extract. The flavonoids from Quebracho bind with hydrogen, while the saponins from Conker Tree bind to the reductase enzyme, resulting in the cessation of methane production.