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Meet MitoQ®, a dedicated company from New Zealand that has been conducting research and focusing on the development of Mitoquinol Mesylate for over ten years. This unique molecule, a shortened and positively charged version of coenzyme Q10, is at the heart of MitoQ® products and provides an active form of coenzyme Q10 directly to our cells. The result of thorough research into mitochondrial support, this patented product is available through Newtraceuticals in 2 variants.

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Discover MitoQ: Mitoquinol Mesylate

Are you looking for an innovative approach to anti-aging? Meet MitoQ, a notable player in the world of Newtraceuticals. The key to the success of MitoQ lies in the use of Mitoquinol Mesylate, a shortened and positively charged variant of CoQ10. Developed with the latest scientific insights, this breakthrough molecule can penetrate cell membranes and is designed to deliver the most active form of coenzyme Q10.

Mitoquinol Mesylate: The Science Behind MitoQ

MitoQ® distinguishes itself by the use of Mitoquinol Mesylate as the main ingredient. This unique molecule is the result of extensive research and offers a revolutionary variant of coenzyme Q10. With its shortened and positively charged structure, Mitoquinol Mesylate can cross cell membranes, allowing it to do its job effectively. As part of the Newtraceuticals movement, MitoQ embodies the commitment to innovation and progress in the health and wellness industry.

MitoQ at Newtraceuticals

MitoQ® is a pioneer in the field of health supplements. This Nutraceuticals product is not only developed according to the latest scientific developments, but is also an expression of innovation and commitment to a healthier life. MitoQ contains 10 mg of patented Mitoquinol Mesylate per dose and offers unique benefits, including a reduced dose thanks to the unique properties of this breakthrough ingredient. If you're looking for effective anti-aging solutions, MitoQ from Newtraceuticals is a name to remember.