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Organ extracts

Discover the benefits of organ extracts! Our organ extracts contain beneficial peptides, fats, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and provide natural support for various body functions. Sourced from grass-fed cattle and sheep from New Zealand. Organ extract supplementation follows the principle of "like supports like", where you consume what you would like to support. Our high-quality organ extracts come from grass-fed cattle, sheep and wild fish and are carefully produced to retain all nutrients. In addition to Ancestral Supplements, we also have Wild Mama's and Natural Heart Doctor in our range.

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Grassfed Beef Liver - 180 capsules
Grassfed Beef Thyroid - 180 capsules
FEM: Female Enhancement - 180 capsules
Grassfed Beef Organs - 180 capsules
Sold outGrassFed Beef Bone & Marrow - 180 Capsules
Grassfed Beef Brain - 180 capsules
Sold outMale Optimization - MOFO - 180 capsules
Grassfed Beef Adrenal - 180 Capsules
Wild Caught Fish Roe (Hoki) - 180 capsules
Sold outGrassfed Beef Intestines - 180 capsules
Grassfed Beef Blood - 180 capsules
Grassfed Beef Kidney - 180 capsules
Grassfed Thymus - 180 capsules
Sold outGrassfed Beef Collagen - 180 capsules
Grassfed Beef Colostrum - 180 capsules
Grassfed Beef Pancreas - 180 capsules
Grassfed Beef Trachea - 180 capsules
Grassfed Beef Tallow - 180 capsules
Grassfed Beef Gallbladder - 180 Capsules
Animal-Based Greens - 180 capsules
Grassfed Living Bone - 180 capsules
Grassfed Beef Spleen - 180 capsules
Grassfed Beef Lung - 180 capsules
Grassfed Placenta - 180 Capsules
Grassfed Beef Heart - 180 capsules
Ancestral Minerals - 180 capsules
Grass Fed Beef Colostrum - 30 stick packs
Grassfed Beef Prostate - 180 capsules
WIld Salmon Roe - 180 capsules
WIld Salmon Roe - 180 capsules Sale price€186,95
Natural Pregnancy Vitamins - 180 capsules
The Whole Fish - Wild Sardines - 180 capsules
Sold outSave €17,00Ancestral Starter Pack
Ancestral Starter Pack Sale price€175,00 Regular price€192,00

Organ Extracts: A Nutritious Source

A wonderful brand in our range with an extensive range of organ meat extracts is Ancestral Supplements, for example Beef Liver capsules, Beef Intestines, Beef Heart with Liver and Beef Brains with Liver. The organ extracts come from exclusively grass-fed cattle and sheep from New Zealand. The organs are freeze-dried raw, which preserves the important vitamins, cofactors and minerals. Ancestral Supplements guarantees pure and high-quality supplements.

Organ meat as a superfood

Our daily diet mainly contains muscle meat. However, organ meat is much richer in nutrients. Of course, you may not like the taste of organ meat. However, if you still want to benefit from the benefits of organ meat, the products from Ancestral supplements may be a solution. The products are produced on a small scale and are packed with nutrients. It is not a superfood for nothing!

How do organ supplements work?

The theory behind organ extracts is that each organ contains tissue-specific nutrients that can be transported directly through our body to the corresponding organ in our body. These nutrients fit exactly like puzzle pieces within the nutritional needs of the same organ in the human body. As already mentioned, the wisdom to use the power of organs for your own body dates back to our ancestors. And nowadays this can be done very easily through our strong and effective supplements. Are you looking for advice about our extensive range? Feel free to call us.