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Seeking health

Seeking Health, founded by Dr. Ben Lynch, is at the forefront of health optimization. With his extensive knowledge of epigenetics and naturopathy, Dr. Lynch takes a holistic approach to health, based on his years of research and practical experience. Through his book "Dirty Genes" he shares his insights, emphasizing that our genetic makeup is not fixed, but can be influenced by diet and lifestyle.

As one of the world's most consulted experts in epigenetics, Dr. Lynch has helped thousands of people optimize their health by unlocking their genetic potential. His approach is now being made accessible again through Newtraceuticals, where his groundbreaking approach to health is available to a wider audience. With Seeking Health through Newtraceuticals, people can benefit from the latest insights in epigenetics and take their wellness to the next level.

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Sold outOptimal Prenatal - 240 capsules
Histamine Digest - 90 capsules
Kids Multivitamine - 60 kauwtabletten
Multivitamin One MF - 45 capsules
B-minus - 100 capsules
B-minus - 100 capsules Sale price€32,95
Folinezuur - 60 zuigtabletten
Histamin X - 60 capsules
Histamin X - 60 capsules Sale price€50,95
Ijzer - 60 kauwtabletten
Ijzer - 60 kauwtabletten Sale price€24,95
Optimal Electrolyte (Orange) - 177 gram
B Complex Plus - 100 Capsules
Magnesium Malate Powder - 500 grams
Prenatal Essentials - 60 capsules
Sold outHydroxo-Adeno-B12 - 60 zuigtabletten
Homocysteine Nutrients - 60 capsules
Lactase Drops - 15ml
Lactase Drops - 15ml Sale price€29,95
Methyl B12 with L-Methylfolate - 30 lozenges
Optimal GI - 150 capsules
Optimal GI - 150 capsules Sale price€49,95
PQQ - 30 Zuigtabletten
PQQ - 30 Zuigtabletten Sale price€37,95
Energy Nutrients - 30 lozenges

Innovative Supplements from Seeking Health

Seeking Health, a relatively new brand from the United States, was co-founded by Dr. Ben Lynch. Dr. Lynch emphasizes methylation problems that many people face. The products have been specifically developed to work as effectively as possible and are suitable for the most sensitive users.

The Vision of Dr. Ben Lynch on Health

The range of Seeking Health supplements expands every month with new products and developments. Keep an eye on our website for the latest products. All products are purchased directly from the US, so you are always assured of quality and authenticity.

Extensive Range from Seeking Health

Seeking Health has a wide range of supplements, including folate capsules and folate tablets. Folate is essential for various bodily functions and is offered in the form of folinic acid capsules and tablets. Folinate is an unmethylated form of folic acid and can therefore be converted into the active form of folic acid. It is the unmethylated form of folic acid, which is quickly converted into active L-5-MTHF in the body.

Folate: Essential Nutrients for a Healthy Life

The importance of folate for a healthy life cannot be underestimated. Seeking Health offers high-quality folate supplements in several forms, so you can choose what best suits your needs. Whether you prefer capsules or tablets, Seeking Health has the solution for your folate needs.