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Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil - 180 Capsules

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Dropi Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil is a traditionally produced cod liver oil from Iceland. Because Dropi cod liver oil is processed 100% cold, it is allowed to be called "Extra Virgin". Thanks to the mild, minimal, and careful processing, the natural essence of cod liver remains intact, delivering a wide range of nutrients in their natural form and balance.


  • Liver oil made from the freshest cod (Gadus morhua)
  • Line caught in the crystal clear waters of the North Atlantic Ocean (Westfjords of Iceland)
  • Made using a traditional cold processing method
  • All natural properties of cod liver oil are preserved
  • Extra virgin, raw, and pure, without unnecessary additives
  • Quality assured with HACCP certification and GMP compliance

Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil versus Fish Oil

Cod liver oil is the richest and most natural form of fish oil. The further a product is processed, the further it gets away from its "natural" functionality. That's why we at Newtraceuticals are absolutely not in favor of standard fish oil products. These have undergone a much more intensive processing. We only stock minimally processed omega-3 supplements in our store. Minimal processing means staying closer to the natural state.

Over the years, many issues have been identified with fish oil supplements. Moreover, it has been found that the effects are different from eating fish. The reason for this lies in the processing and the difference between what is natural and what comes out of a factory. So, the more minimally you process fish, the closer it stays to its natural functionality, and thus the better the product. Taking Dropi cod liver oil is actually comparable to eating a piece of fresh and nutritious fish. Your body recognizes this as real food and not as refined oil!

Nutrients in Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil

Due to the absence of high temperatures during production, the heat-sensitive components remain intact and undamaged. Unlike most other cod liver oils, Dropi contains the full spectrum of omega-3 fatty acids, including the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Also, vitamin A and vitamin D3, which are already present in cod livers, remain intact and therefore do not need to be replaced later by their artificial counterparts.

1000 Years of Icelandic Tradition in a Bottle!

The revolutionary extraction method of Dropi is inspired by the ancient techniques of the Vikings. The Icelanders have perfected this method over more than 1000 years. This ensures that only the highest quality cod liver oil is produced with the utmost care and attention. The mild processing method ensures that the temperature never exceeds 42°C. This is essential to preserve the natural properties of the oil, essential omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins.

Clean and Fresh from Ocean to Bottle

At Dropi, there is a high commitment to freshness and purity! The livers are processed within 24 hours of being caught. Dropi cod liver oil is free from artificial ingredients, artificial preservatives, and cleansed of contaminants such as heavy metals. Dropi is a 100% natural, extra virgin cod liver oil in its purest and most pristine form. Experience the clean, raw power of this oil today!


At Dropi, they work in harmony with nature and local fishermen. These ensure a constant supply of fresh cod, adapted to constant fluctuations in weather conditions, fish population, and other external factors! Sustainable practices are followed throughout the entire procurement and production process. Dropi is part of the Iceland Responsible Fisheries (ICF), which emphasizes ecologically and economically sustainable management of the living resources of the sea. All Dropi products are also 100% traceable from fish to bottle.

Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil - 180 Capsules
Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil - 180 Capsules Sale price€76,99