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Preventa® Low-deuterium drinking water from Preventa is the most extensively researched low-deuterium drinking water worldwide. It is manufactured to strict pharmaceutical standards, sourced from natural spring water in Hungary by HYD LLC. This makes the product safe and certified, and the contents of the bottle are exactly as stated. Preventa® low-deuterium drinking water is available in various deuterium concentrations, ranging from 25 ppm to 125 ppm.

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Discover the Benefits of Deuterium-Low Water

Introducing Preventa® Deuterium-Low Water, an innovative product that embraces the benefits of low-deuterium properties. Deuterium, known as heavy hydrogen, is a naturally occurring variant of hydrogen. The nucleus of deuterium consists of one proton and one neutron, leading to significant differences in physical and biochemical characteristics compared to regular hydrogen. An excess of deuterium in the body is not desirable and occurs in food, water and air. Preventa® offers low-deuterium drinking water with concentrations ranging from 25 ppm to 125 ppm, with concentrations below 140 ppm considered low-deuterium.

Difference in Deuterium Concentrations

Preventa® Low Deuterium drinking water is the result of dedicated research and development by Newtraceuticals, a renowned Hungarian company. With approval from the Budapest Veterinary Health and Food Control Station and expert advice from leading institutions such as the Fodor József National Center of Public Health, Institute of Environmental Health and the National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science, Preventa® has obtained the necessary permits. The product is available with or without carbonation, giving consumers a choice based on their preference and dietary needs.

International Recognition and Achievements

Preventa® Low Deuterium drinking water is not only recognized at a national level, but has also won awards on international platforms. Introduced at ANUGA, the world's largest food fair in 2005, it was internationally recognized by winning first prize in the international innovation competition 'New Foods' at the Health & Functional Food Forum in Cologne. The inventor, Gábor Somlyai, was recognized for his outstanding research into health promotion and the value of low-deuterium products for maintaining health. With distribution through pharmacies and drugstores throughout Hungary and a growing international reputation, Preventa® is a product that Newtraceuticals is proud to offer in the Netherlands.