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MedChem Labs

In 1966, Professor Dr. Jon Kabara laid the foundations of Med-Chem Labs. During his research in the 1960s, Kabara made a groundbreaking discovery: monolaurin in breast milk. This gave rise to the brand and product Lauricidin®, a nutritional supplement based on monolaurin to support health. Since then, Lauricidin® has gained worldwide recognition and continues to be an innovative force in health promotion.

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Lauricidin - Monolaurin - 227 grams


Dr. Kabara and his research team at the University of Detroit's Chemistry Department have conducted extensive research into the nutritional effects of fatty acids, focusing on lauric acid - a fatty acid with 12 carbon atoms, and monoglyceride, better known as monolaurin. Their groundbreaking studies showed decades ago that certain fatty acids, especially monoglycerides such as monolaurin, have exceptional properties. These discoveries inspired the founding of Med-Chem Laboratories, Inc.

Lauricidin®: Derived from Coconut Oil's Lauric Acid

Lauricidin® is praised worldwide by therapists, doctors and researchers for its health-promoting properties. With the growing recognition of the benefits of coconut oil, more and more people are appreciating the pure monolaurin extract of Lauricidin®. It contains pure monolaurin, made from a combination of lauric acid and glycerol. This lauric acid is extracted from pure coconut oil.