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Deuterium-depleted water - Preventa® 25 - non-carbonated

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Deuterium Depletion: Reducing Deuterium Concentrations

Deuterium depletion is an emerging health strategy that involves lowering the concentrations of deuterium in the body. Deuterium is measured in parts per million (ppm). Preventa® 25 contains low-deuterium drinking water with only 25 ppm, while regular drinking water contains approximately ~150 ppm deuterium.

What is Deuterium?

Deuterium is a stable isotope of hydrogen. Unlike normal hydrogen (protium), deuterium has an extra neutron, doubling its atomic mass. This means that deuterium is heavier than hydrogen. Deuterium is also known as heavy hydrogen.

Benefits of Deuterium

  • Produced with a patented production method.
  • Manufactured according to strict pharmaceutical guidelines.
  • Contains a deuterium content of 25 ppm
  • Originating from natural spring water.
  • Lowers deuterium concentrations in the body.
  • Can be safely used daily.
  • Has extensive documentation and research.

The Influence of Deuterium on the Body

Since our body consists largely of water, deuterium as a form of hydrogen influences all chemical and physical reactions in our body. The extra mass of deuterium changes the chemistry of the molecules in our bodies, which has several metabolic consequences. Deuterium slows down chemical reactions when it replaces hydrogen, which affects the normal functioning of the body.

The Role of Low Deuterium Water

Normally, the body tries to remove excess deuterium through healthy cells, mitochondria, intestinal flora, and excretory processes. However, in our modern world and with our modern lifestyle and diet, the body cannot always succeed in this. Deuterated water can help lower deuterium concentrations in the body. The aim is to achieve a body deuterium concentration of 130 ppm. Even small drops in the deuterium concentration can have an effect. For medical use, there are specific protocols that gradually lower deuterium concentrations.

Preventa® Low Deuterium Water

Preventa® low deuterium drinking water is the most documented low deuterium drinking water in the world. It is produced from natural spring water according to strict pharmaceutical guidelines. This makes the product safe, certified and contains exactly what is stated on the bottle. Preventa® products with different concentrations can be used in different protocols. Preventa® low-deuterium drinking water can serve as a replacement for the daily fluid intake.

Discover HYD LLC and Preventa®: Innovative Pioneers in Low Deuterium Water

HYD LLC, based in Hungary, is the owner of the internationally recognized trademark Preventa®. In 2005, Preventa® low-deuterium drinking water was introduced with great success at ANUGA, the world's largest food fair. The product was immediately awarded first prize in the renowned international innovation competition 'New Foods' at the Health & Functional Food Forum in Cologne.

With a license obtained in 1999 from various health institutes in Budapest, HYD LLC has full control over the production of low-deuterium drinking water. The production procedure of Preventa® deuterium-poor drinking water is unique and distinguishes itself through careful craftsmanship. HYD LLC offers a range of low deuterium products with deuterium levels ranging from 125 to 25 ppm.

HYD LLC has conducted extensive research and documentation on the effectiveness of Preventa® low-deuterium drinking water in the human body. With a thorough science base and a commitment to quality and innovation, HYD LLC continues to be at the forefront of low-deuterium water.

Dilution schedule

The dilution chart below shows how to prepare a solution with a concentration of 25 ppm (parts per million) from an original solution with a concentration of 150 ppm. Here are the steps:

  • 1 part Preventa 25 + 9 parts normal water (150 PPM) = 137.5 PPM
  • 2 parts Preventa 25 + 8 parts normal water (150 PPM) = 125 PPM
  • 3 parts Preventa 25 + 7 parts normal water (150 PPM) = 112.5 PPM
  • 4 parts Preventa 25 + 6 parts normal water (150 PPM) = 100 PPM
  • 5 parts Preventa 25 + 5 parts normal water (150 PPM) = 87.5 PPM
  • 6 parts Preventa 25 + 4 parts normal water (150 PPM) = 75 PPM
  • 7 parts Preventa 25 + 3 parts normal water (150 PPM) = 62.5 PPM
  • 8 parts Preventa 25 + 2 parts normal water (150 PPM) = 50 PPM
  • 9 parts Preventa 25 + 1 part normal water (150 PPM) = 37.5 PPM
  • 10 parts Preventa 25 + 0 parts normal water (150 PPM) = 25 PPM
Deuterium-depleted water - Preventa® 25 - non-carbonated
Deuterium-depleted water - Preventa® 25 - non-carbonated Sale price€31,95