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Quinton Hypertonic Water - Electrolyte Ampoules

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Quinton® Sea Plasma: An ancient and nutritious dietary supplement

Quinton® Zeeplasma is one of the oldest nutritional supplements in existence. French biologist René Quinton began harvesting his special liquid marine plasma in 1897. Since then it has continued to be harvested in the same pure, protected plankton bloom 30 meters below the surface. It is not for nothing that this discovery is still available more than 125 years later!

The advantages of Quinton Hypertonic Water at a glance:

  • Enriched with more than 78 essential minerals and trace elements
  • Supports electrolyte balance and cell regeneration
  • Strengthens the immune system and promotes natural defense mechanisms
  • Helps with healthy metabolism and digestion
  • Pure and free of contaminants, thanks to strict quality standards
  • Derived from specific marine sources, far from pollution

Nourishing Extracellular Matrix

Our body cells are surrounded by mineral-rich fluids, known as the extracellular matrix, that help regulate the transport of nutrients and waste products to and from every tissue and organ in the body. Modern life is disruptive to this inner fluid in many ways. Quinton Zeeplasma feeds the body with an identical composition to our extracellular matrix.

What is Quinton Marine Plasma?

Quinton Sea Plasma is a raw multimineral and trace element supplement, but it cannot be compared to an ordinary tube of seawater. Quinton Marine Plasma is extracted at a specific location, 30 meters below the sea surface, where complex interactions between all known minerals, trace elements, organic nutrients, microbes, RNA, DNA, phytoplankton and zooplankton take place. Areas with these complex biochemical and energetic properties are distinct from the surrounding seawater that does not contain this complexity. This is reflected in the product and this is precisely what distinguishes Quinton Zeeplasma. In addition to all 78 minerals and trace elements, an ampoule with Hypertonic Quinton Zeeplasma also contains various deep-sea cofactors.

Quinton Sea Plasma vs. Electrolyte and Mineral Supplements

Quinton Zeeplasma outperforms any electrolyte or mineral supplement nutritional supplement on the market. Not only in terms of its history of use, but also because it contains more natural bioactive substances (deep-sea cofactors). But also because it contains ALL minerals and trace elements that can be found on earth. The specific proportions between the periodic elements, their interactions and synergy are not only nourishing for you, but have also nourished life on Earth as we know it! Quinton Zeeplasma provides, as it were, a biological imprint of the primal ocean in your body. This can never be matched by man-made nutritional supplements.

How is Quinton Marine Plasma Made?

Laboratoires Quinton collects raw, nutrient-rich marine plasma from a plankton-rich bloom site off the coast of France. In the GMP production facility, the ocean water is cold microfiltered to the highest attainable purity, while preserving the unique properties of marine plasma. The strict protocols that are still followed today were established in 1887.

The Biological Terrain of the Human Body

The human being consists of approximately 100 trillion cells that are located in the "biological terrain". This is a term for the nutrient-rich fluid matrix that surrounds the cells. This extracellular matrix ensures, among other things, the correct biochemical reactions and cell metabolism. Quinton Sea Plasma nourishes the biological terrain as a natural and identical equivalent. Quinton Isotonic Sea Plasma has an identical osmotic concentration as human plasma.

Bio identical to the blood plasma

Quinton water contains bioidentical electrolytes and minerals in an optimal ratio, comparable to that in the blood plasma. This contributes to the compatibility between Quinton water and the body cells, making it easier for the body to absorb and utilize. The idea behind Quinton water as "blood of the ocean" is based on the hypothesis that the composition of Quinton water is similar to the environment in which the first life forms on earth originated.

No Heat Treatment, No Irradiation

In the production of Quinton Zeeplasma no heat is used and no radiation is used. This contributes to the authenticity and quality of the product.

Quinton Hypertonic Water - Electrolyte Ampoules
Quinton Hypertonic Water - Electrolyte Ampoules Sale price€29,95