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Grassfed Beef Intestines - 180 capsules

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Grass-Fed Beef Intestines

The intestines and stomach (tripe) play a role in digesting and absorbing nutrients for overall health. Intestines are rich in gut-specific building blocks such as collagen, glutamine, and organ-derived probiotics, which are important for supporting a healthy gut. Each bottle of Ancestral Supplements Grass-Fed Beef Intestines contains 180 capsules of 500 mg each.

Grass-Fed Beef Intestines contain

  • Gut-specific proteins, peptides, enzymes & cofactors
  • Molecular Biodirectors — DNA blueprints for tissues
  • Collagen/gelatin, glutamine, animal-derived probiotics
  • Vitamin B12, choline, selenium, zinc, manganese & phosphorus

Grass-Fed Beef Intestines are

  • Pasture raised in New Zealand & Australia
  • Grass-fed & grass-finished
  • Hormone, pesticide & GMO-free
  • Absolutely no fillers (or) flow agents
  • 100% freeze-dried & non-defatted
  • Allergen free


Throughout history, humans effortlessly consumed foods that supported strength, health, and happiness. In today's world, meeting our nutritional needs for a vibrant life has become a challenge. Nourishing your gut with proven anthropological approaches backed by modern science, including the use of intestines and tripe.

We evolved eating intestines & tripe

Historically, various cultures embraced eating intestines and tripe as part of their diet. The practice varied, with some tribes making contests out of consuming buffalo guts, while others prepared and consumed intestines and tripe in different ways. These practices were rooted in the belief that such foods offered valuable nutrients.


Intestines are rich in gut-specific building blocks like collagen, gelatin, glutamine, and organ-derived probiotics. Incorporating pieces of intestines and tripe into homemade bone soup, simmered with care, can be beneficial for gut health.


Tripe, referring to the stomach of grazing animals, was revered in European culture. Tripe is a source of gut-specific building blocks, micronutrients, collagen/gelatin, digestive enzymes, and organ-derived probiotics.

Whole food, nutrient-dense organs and glands can provide great benefits. Grass-Fed Beef Intestines with tripe is a whole food and dietary supplement that offers pure bovine intestine and tripe, rich in gut-specific building blocks, gelatin, glutamine, and organ-derived probiotics to support gut and digestive health.

Did You Know?

Ancestral Supplements products are 100% sourced in New Zealand & Australia, known for clean air, green pastures, and exceptional animal husbandry.


Ancestral Supplements product line is 100% additive-free, free from stearates, lubricants, binders, fillers, or flow agents.


Ancestral Supplements products are 100% freeze-dried, ensuring you get the maximum benefits of the heat-sensitive vitamins, minerals, and co-factors that make organ meats incredibly nourishing.