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Grassfed Living Bone - 180 capsules

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Grassfed Living Bone

Bones rely on rich nutrition to remain robust and healthy. Based on the principle of "like supports like," the consumption of living bone is an ancestral practice that should be reintroduced. This ancestral superfood is notably rich in calcium, phosphorus, essential trace minerals like boron, magnesium, strontium, and sodium, along with type I collagen and bone peptides (IGF I & II, TGF β, Osteocalcin). These vital nutrients synergistically work together in harmony with nature and the wisdom of our ancestors. Each bottle contains 180 capsules, each of 1000mg.

Grass Fed Living Bone contains

  • Calcium and phosphorus in the ideal physiological ratio of 2:1
  • Essential trace minerals in addition to type I collagen
  • Molecular biodirectors — DNA blueprints
  • Bone proteins (IGF I & II, TGF β, Osteocalcin)

Grass Fed Living Bone

  • Sourced from pasture-raised cattle in New Zealand & Australia
  • Grass-fed and grass-finished
  • Free from hormones, pesticides, and GMOs
  • Free from fillers or flow agents
  • 100% freeze-dried and non-defatted
  • Allergen-free


For most of human history, we effortlessly consumed nutrition that complemented our needs for strength, health, and happiness. Like the fertile ground we once walked upon, we were a natural extension of this earth. In the modern world, we unknowingly struggle to meet our nutritional needs to support a vibrant life. The solution is to address the root cause with dietary, lifestyle, and behavioral choices while nourishing and supporting our bodies with proven anthropological ways backed by modern science... this includes the use of living bone.

Did You Know?

Ancestral Supplements products are 100% sourced in New Zealand & Australia, known for clean air, green pastures, and exceptional animal husbandry.


Ancestral Supplements product line is 100% additive-free, free from stearates, lubricants, binders, fillers, or flow agents.


Ancestral Supplements products are 100% freeze-dried, ensuring you get the maximum benefits of the heat-sensitive vitamins, minerals, and co-factors that make organ meats incredibly nourishing.


There has never been a case of mad cow disease in New Zealand or Australia. BSE (mad cow disease), scrapie, and other known TSE’s do not occur in New Zealand or Australia. A national surveillance program is in place to provide comprehensive monitoring.

Grassfed Living Bone - 180 capsules
Grassfed Living Bone - 180 capsules Sale price€42,95