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Male Optimization - MOFO - 180 capsules

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MOFO: Male Optimization Formula with Grass Fed Beef Organs

Reignite Your Inner Strength, Embrace True Manhood, and Unleash Your Potential. MOFO is a whole food supplement designed to provide the essential components for men to thrive: testicle, prostate, heart, liver, and bone marrow. This unique formula contains specific building blocks, peptides, and enzymes. Our exceptional blend maintains timeless ancestral properties that are often overlooked in the modern world. MOFO: Male Optimization Formula contains 180 capsules per bottle / 410mg Each.

MOFO: Male Optimization Formula contains:

  • TESTICLE: Throughout recorded history, testicles have been considered nature's most potent source of virility—combining strength, energy, and vitality.
  • PROSTATE: Offers prostate-specific proteins, peptides, enzymes, and cofactors.
  • HEART: Abundant in naturally occurring CoQ10, a powerful energy-boosting, anti-aging compound.
  • LIVER: Ancient healers and warriors recognized the power of the liver, a nutrient-dense superfood that provides fully formed vitamin A (retinol).
  • BONE MARROW: Nourishing bone, marrow, and cartilage.

MOFO: Male Optimization Formula with grass fed beef organs contains:

  • Proteins, peptides, enzymes, base cells, and molecular biodirectors specific to testes, prostate, heart, liver & bone marrow.
  • The super nutrient coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), vitamin B12, collagen, and elastin.
  • Preformed vitamin A (retinol), choline, folate, copper, and bio-available iron.
  • Bone matrix, bone marrow, and cartilage, with high concentrations of stem cells, growth factors, and fat-soluble activators.
  • Natural glycosaminoglycans present in bone matrix, along with abundant alkylglycerols (AKGs) found in bone marrow.


Empower your journey to health and happiness with MOFO: Male Optimization Formula with grass fed beef organs. For most of human history, we embraced the wisdom of consuming the entire animal (like-supports-like nutrition) with reverence and purpose. Traditional societies, Native Americans, and early ancestral healers believed that eating the organs of a healthy animal would fortify and sustain the corresponding organ in the human body—a practice known as "like supports like." For example, to strengthen a person's heart, they were fed the heart of a robust animal. Similarly, to invigorate a person's virility, the most potent parts of the animal, chiefly the testicles, were consumed.

Modern times have led us away from these practices. We no longer resemble our robust male ancestors compared to previous generations. The ultimate solution is to recreate our ancestral environment (embracing proper sleep, nourishment, movement, sunlight, and more). It is time to honor our forebears by reintroducing what the modern world has omitted, thereby restoring strength, health, and happiness to our people.

Whole food, nutrient-rich organs and glands can offer significant advantages to those seeking fundamental and targeted support in harmony with nature—the same way our forefathers did. MOFO: Male Optimization Formula with Grass Fed Beef Organs is a whole food and dietary supplement providing the essential raw ingredients for men to thrive: testicle, prostate, heart, liver, and bone marrow. This exceptional formula incorporates specific building blocks, peptides, and enzymes. MOFO (Male Optimization Formula with Grass Fed Beef Organs) preserves ancestral properties often overlooked in today's world.

Did You Know?

Ancestral Supplements products are 100% sourced in New Zealand & Australia, known for clean air, green pastures, and exceptional animal husbandry.


Ancestral Supplements product line is 100% additive-free, free from stearates, lubricants, binders, fillers, or flow agents.


Ancestral Supplements products are 100% freeze-dried, ensuring you get the maximum benefits of the heat-sensitive vitamins, minerals, and co-factors that make organ meats incredibly nourishing.