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Atrantil - Bacterial Overgrowth - 90 capsules

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Atrantil - SIBO Formulation - 90 Capsules

Atrantil is a unique and effective supplement specially formulated for digestive issues in the small intestine, such as SIBO. It combines three powerful plant extracts - Quebracho extract, horse chestnut extract, and peppermint extract - that work synergistically to support the intestines and digestion*. This scientifically formulated botanical blend contains concentrated polyphenols, including tannins, flavonoids, and saponins, to ensure optimal results.

Benefits of Atrantil:

  • 100% natural and highly effective
  • Three powerful plant ingredients
  • Developed by Dr. Kenneth Brown, a renowned gastroenterologist
  • Effectiveness supported by scientific research
  • Free from allergens like gluten and soy; GMO-free
  • No artificial additives

Science-based Formula

The active plant compounds in Atrantil are polyphenols, specifically tannins, flavonoids, and saponins. The three plant extracts are standardized to specific concentrations of these compounds to ensure the proper functioning. This is essential as Atrantil is based on scientific information.

Not a Probiotic, but Natural Plant Extracts

Atrantil is not a probiotic but a natural combination of plant extracts. Therefore, it works quickly, often within a few hours after ingestion. After 7-10 days, you will often experience remarkable improvements. Take 2 capsules daily with meals, three times a day. Once you notice improvement, you can switch to a maintenance dose of, for example, 1 capsule at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Potent Action of the Ingredients

The potent action of Atrantil is supported by specific properties of the ingredients:

  • Quebracho extract and horse chestnut extract help neutralize methane gas.
  • Peppermint extract supports the intestines and digestion*.

What to Expect from Atrantil?

Atrantil is well-documented and generally has no side effects. However, some people may experience a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction. You will quickly notice that Atrantil has an effect, often within a few hours, and after 10 days, you will observe significant improvements. Note that reactions and results may vary depending on your individual situation. Correct dosing of Atrantil plays an important role.

*Health claim pending approval by the European Commission

Atrantil - Bacterial Overgrowth - 90 capsules
Atrantil - Bacterial Overgrowth - 90 capsules Sale price€44,95