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Atrantil Pro - SIBO + Probiotics Formula - 90 capsules

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Atrantil Pro: A Perfect Blend for Gut Health

Atrantil Pro is a perfect merger between two clinically proven gut supplements: Atrantil and Megatrio spore biotics. This is a balanced and synergistic formula for advanced care and results. Each bottle contains 90 capsules of 510 mg each.

Why Atrantil Pro?

When combining clinically proven Megatrio spore biotics and Atrantil, you not only receive the benefit of Atrantil’s patented blend but the probiotic bacteria are also delivered to the colon more efficiently. Quebracho becomes a direct available source of nourishment for the probiotic bacteria spores. This allows them to begin their work more rapidly and stronger. The results are not only faster growing colonies but also an increase and variability in beneficial compounds that the bacteria make, such as short-chain fatty acids, vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, and other bioactive compounds known as post-biotic products.

Quebracho Colorado’s Versatility

Atrantil’s exclusive proanthocyanidin (Quebracho colorado) extract, the world’s most stable polyphenol, not only works as a hydrogen sink but also functions as a prebiotic and even anti-bacterial. Quebracho Colorado contains many interesting compounds like EGCG, quercetin, urolithin A, urolithin B, and many more.

Atrantil Composition

Quebracho extract, horse chestnut extract, and peppermint extract.

Megatrio Spore Biotics Composition

Bacillus subtilis (HU58), Bacillus coagulans (SC-208), and Bacillus clausii (SC-109).

Benefits of Atrantil Pro

  • 100% natural and highly effective
  • Atrantil + Megatrio spore biotics
  • Six powerful ingredients
  • Developed by gut professionals
  • Effectiveness supported by scientific research
  • Free from allergens like gluten and soy
  • GMO-free and no artificial additives

Transportation and Fuel

Megatrio spore biotics are soil-based probiotic spores naturally found in healthy soil, co-evolving with plants and their polyphenols. The large molecule Atrantil polyphenol blend acts as a vehicle to take the probiotic spores through the digestive tract. Once reaching the terminal ileum in the gut, the probiotic spores awaken, processing the Atrantil polyphenols to smaller molecules with specific enzymes. This creates food for the Megatrio probiotic strains, allowing them to germinate rapidly. Atrantil works as a transporter and fuel for the probiotic spores.

Atrantil Pro: 1+1 = 100

Atrantil and MegaTrio overlap and do similar things, making them great on their own. However, what makes Atrantil Pro special is that when you combine the polyphenols from Atrantil with MegaTrio, something magical happens. It's not just putting two things together like a math equation; one plus one equals two. They make each other exponentially better, more like one plus one equals a hundred.

Atrantil Pro - SIBO + Probiotics Formula - 90 capsules
Atrantil Pro - SIBO + Probiotics Formula - 90 capsules Sale price€64,95